Spirit Led Homeschooling – Letting God Guide Your Journey

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Do you ever wonder if you are teaching your child what he or she needs to know? Do you feel frustrated because your day is not going the way you planned it? Do you feel as if you are the only homeschooling family that isn’t succeeding? Do you feel that your homeschooling is going perfectly, but there is a sense that something is missing?

Some times we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of homeschooling that we forget what homeschooling is supposed to be about in the first place. We get busy with softball practice, music lessons, and making a great looking report card. We guilt trip ourselves because, “It works for Jane Doe in the support group, so it must work for me.”. In doing this we are neglecting to address the key element in homeschooling; that God has a plan for each our your children. From what to teach, how to teach it, when to teach and even when not to do anything, God wants to share with you the details of making your homeschool successful.

With Spirit Led Homeschooling you will learn the “What” & “Why” along with some motivational teaching ideas from Scripture. Also included are workbook pages to help guide you on your journey.

You can homeschool with peace & joy!

This book / Bible study calls you to seek God to find direction for each individual involved in your homeschooling journey…including you, the teacher.
This is not another curriculum style. As a matter of fact, just about any curriculum out there can be used as long as it is in God’s plan for your child. This is about creating a lifestyle and environment that God can use to raise up the children He has graciously allowed us to have the blessing of loving.

Share in the journey of a homeschooling mother learning God’s plan for her family.

Note: Book is in PDF format. You will need a reader such as the FREE Adobe Reader to view it.
Thank you so much for looking. I pray you are blessed abundantly according to His riches and glory in Heaven!

May Your Homeschooling Journey Be Blessed.

This e-book is offered in PDF format but may not be reproduced or shared. Please send people to this site to download a copy for themselves. No part of the book may be reprinted, posted on a website, or shared without my express written consent.

While we offer this for free, if it blesses you, a donation would be welcomed to help offset our costs.



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